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"What doesn't kill ya, shoulda."
                     -- Bob Nietzsche

Hey everyone... this is Sukey. Thanks for visiting my website! We hope (that's me and my pets) you have the time of your life on this website! Sure, you could go to Disneyland if you wanted that... or Paris, France. But why would you want that when you can sit in your comfy chair, sipping your nice hot coffee, and possibly even having a lovely banana split?

Here you will find all sorts of essential information and fun stuff! What could be better than that? Okay, maybe a hot fudge sundae would be better... if it was really big, and had lots of fudge, and whipped cream, and two cherries... and if it came with a Jaguar. THEN you'd have something a lot better than my website. If that's an option for you, I'd say forget the website and get on with THAT.

On the other hand... have a martini and think about it. You deserve whatever you want. You're the best, actually. I mean, everybody loves you. They'd be crazy not to. People who don't know you love you. They're more impartial.

So wander around... look at stuff... try not to trip... and let me know what you think!